A Message of Thanks

This Thanksgiving I wanted to send you all a special message of gratitude! 

There is nothing easy about surviving this pandemic, and there is nothing easy about cancer. This past year, I experienced both. Although either one could be difficult to navigate, the two in combination can be overwhelming. 

However, the prayers that were said, the cards that were sent, the Facebook messages that were posted, the visits that were made, the gestures of friendship and love displayed – all made conquering these challenges doable.

I want to thank you for your support during this challenging time. I am happy to share with you that I have finished treatment and am recovering well. My doctors tell me that I am doing “great”!

Now that I have some time to reflect over the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to share with you that as important as the medical treatment was for my recovery, your prayers and displays of friendship and love were equally important. In moments of physical weakness and anxiety, it was you that carried me and I will be forever be thankful and appreciative as a result. 

I look forward to the days and years ahead. I look forward to seeking your support for re-election this year. With COVID and the current state of affairs, I anticipate there will be many challenges ahead. But, if this year is any indication, we will overcome them together! I look forward to doing this with you!

Onward with warmest wishes for continued good health and success!