Food Security Infrastructure Grants Available

Applications for the Commonwealth’s Food Security Infrastructure Grants are now being accepted on a rolling basis through September 15, 2020.

The goal of the Food Security Infrastructure Grant Program is to ensure that individuals and families throughout the Commonwealth have access to food, with a special focus on food that is produced locally and provides equitable access to food. The Program will award up to $36 million to ensure that farmers, fisheries, and other local food producers are better connected to a strong, resilient food system to help mitigate future food supply and distribution disruption.

Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to: agricultural operations, fisheries, food banks and pantries, municipalities and school districts, processing and distribution organizations, non-profits, and farmers’ markets.

Examples of Eligible Projects:

  • Food storage, processing, and delivery equipment
  • Equipment that supports community gardens & urban agriculture
  • Mobile markets
  • Equipment for remote ordering and payment
  • Information technology needs
  • Equipment to support the extension of the growing season
  • Vehicles, including refrigerated trucks for distribution of food products and meals
  • Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) enabled SNAP processing devices
  • Other infrastructure upgrades

Participants selected to participate in the Program will be provided with reimbursement grants up to $500,000. Please see the Request for Responses for full program details, eligibility, and a full list of eligible projects.

Visit the Food Security Infrastructure Grant Program website for more information and to apply online. For technical assistance or additional questions about the grant, please email: [email protected].