Ferrante Votes to Pass Campaign Finance Reform Bill

State Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante (D-Gloucester) voted to pass the campaign finance reform bill relative to disclosure and transparency.   The bill requires super PACs to disclose the sources of their funding no more than seven days after making an expenditure such as a television ad. Within 10 days of an election that disclosure must happen within 24 hours.

The groups would also be required to list their top five donors at the end of the television, internet or print ad along with a written statement directing viewers to the website of the Office of Campaign and Political Finance where voters could view a complete list of contributors. Effective next year, the bill also doubles the maximum individual contribution limit to candidates, including themselves, to $1000.

Ferrante said “I am pleased to take this proactive step to ensure that “dark money”, undisclosed money, stays out of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizen’s United opened the door for well-funded contributors to influence elections without revealing their identity. This bill goes a long way to keeping political contributors and candidates accountable.”