Local court pegged for ‘relocation’

Gloucester state Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante said Wednesday that she, along with Tarr, expects to meet with Mulligan and court officials soon to discuss the potential closure of Gloucester District court soon. “I am still concerned about a possible closure and have questions about how they decided to prioritize their budget,” Ferrante said. Read more on…

Lawmakers press to save court

Cape Ann’s state lawmakers have slipped wording into the state budget that would stop any effort to close Massachusetts courthouses — including Gloucester District Court — until at least September, and probably far longer. Read more on the Gloucester Daily Times website→

Showing support for fishermen

As the Department of Commerce Inspector General’s office investigates the enforcement practices of federal fishing regulators — and as fishermen out of Gloucester and throughout New England brace for a sea change in the industry’s regulatory system — city and local legislative leaders are organizing a community show of support for local fishermen and the…

Auction faces new deadline, sanctions

State Sen. Bruce Tarr — who, along with state Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante and Massachusetts’ federal lawmakers, has pushed for a federal probe into alleged heavy-handed enforcement on the part of NOAA officials — said the latest NOAA enforcement action raises new questions — and concerns. Read more on the Gloucester Daily Times website→