‘Angel program’ draws Statehouse interest

Police Chief Leonard Campanello and backers of the Gloucester Police Department’s new approach to fighting opioid addiction outlined their so-called angel program for legislative health care leaders Friday. But they didn’t have to take their case to the Statehouse; the key Statehouse players came to Gloucester instead. Read more on the Gloucester Daily Times website→

O’Maley students learning to love science, technology, engineering, and math

Now completing its third year as a state-recognized innovation school, O’Maley remains the state’s only middle school with a comprehensive program. Other innovation programs focus on elementary or high school levels, and some districts offer “innovation” alternatives, such as the STEM academy within Wareham Middle School. Read more on the Gloucester Daily Times website→

A Busy Week

I am pleased to share with you an update on a very busy week that will set the tone for this legislative year. Monday began in earnest, preparing for two 100+ participant events in Boston. The first was an industry-led rally to preserve the film tax credit. More than two hundred blue collar employees from…

Health project honoring Ferrante

Susan Coviello, executive director of the Gloucester-based North Shore Health Project, says state Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante played a key role last year in helping the center land a $120,000 grant to expand its services to hepatitis C patients and others. Now, the project is honoring Ferrante with its fifth annual Community Health Activist Award, to be…

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