Representative Ferrante Sponsors Environmental Legislation

Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante (D-Gloucester) has sponsored a number of bills relating to the environment, clean energy, and climate change filed in the 191st session of the General Court of Massachusetts.

“While talking with voters during election season, I heard repeatedly how worried people are in our communities about climate change and the impact it will have on us here on Cape Ann. This issue affects people across the board with impacts on sea level rise, more intense storms, food security, transportation, and other areas of life,” said Ferrante. “I’m proud to be a sponsor on bills that take a comprehensive and varied look at addressing the issues that climate change presents to the people of Cape Ann and the Commonwealth.”

The bills that Ferrante has sponsored range from directly addressing efforts to curb climate change and other threats to the environment as well as mitigating their effects.

“Effectively addressing climate change requires a wide set of tools. The bills that I have co-sponsored seek to accelerate our use of renewable energy, invest in renewable energy infrastructure and technology, promote energy conservation, preserve open space, and develop carbon capture storage,” continued Ferrante. “In addition, as global climate change challenges our ability to feed our population as well as the national and the global community, I have filed a bill that my office and I researched and drafted to start monitoring and addressing the issue.”

Representative Ferrante is a primary sponsor or co-sponsor of the following bills relating to the environment, climate change, and clean energy:

  • H.2802 An Act to Secure a Clean Energy Future
  • H.842 An Act to Sustain Natural and Working Lands in Carbon Communities
  • H.2852 An Act Protecting Our Coasts from Off-Shore Drilling
  • H.2848 An Act Ensuring Gas Safety and Consumer Fairness
  • H.763 An Act to Protect Massachusetts Pollinators
  • H.2881 An Act Promoting the Disposal of Miniatures
  • H.2463 An Act to Preserve Community Preservation Revenue
  • H.2697 An Act Establishing the Executive Office of Food Resources and Security
  • H.762 An Act Relative to Maintaining Adequate Water Supplies through Effective Drought Management
  • S.2107 An Act to Study the feasibility of high-speed rail access between Pittsfield and Boston via Springfield
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